WooCommerce is one choice when it comes to B2B wholesale platform solutions, but is it the right choice for your business? Read and find out!
Selling online isn’t for retailers only. The wholesale businesses also have their own online stores and websites from where they sell products or services and conduct business operations. People who are interested in placing bulk orders can go to the wholesale company and purchase directly. It is simple as that.
A wholesale online store differs from a retail site in a few ways. The key difference is in the pricing and order quantity. The wholesale websites are usually business-to-business or B2B whereas the retail websites are business-to-customer or B2C.
PRICING STRUCTURE: The wholesale websites have different price structures for different customers. You can offer dynamic pricing for certain products, group discounts, quantity-based costing, and more.
REGULATED CHECKOUT PROCEDURE: The wholesale websites don’t allow every single order to be checked out as there are specific conditions, for example, the credit card history of the customer, a tie-up with a certain courier company, the geographical location, and etc. These rules can differ from one site to another.
RESPONSIVENESS: Wholesale business websites are highly responsive across many devices such as tablets, mobiles, iPads, and more. As a website owner, you should analyze what devices your customers usually use and make the online store responsive accordingly.
QUICK ORDER: For purchasers who know what they want from the product number to quantity, the wholesale online stores have a “Quick Order” form that allows customers to enter the details, adds it to the cart, and checks out. But if you also want to learn how to sync inventory, orders, and customers automatically with your existing admin or third-party software, then click here.
 If you are interested in setting up your own ecommerce wholesale website on WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the best plugins to use. Even though it is used for retail stores, it used in combination with other plugins, WooCommerce can be a great medium for your wholesale business website as well.
Before considering other plugins, here are some of the benefits of using WooCommerce – it is free, it is extremely easy to learn, especially for beginners, it offers flexibility in categorizing products on the website, it is a versatile plugin, it can integrate a website, e-store, and blog in one place, it covers analytical tools, and it looks extremely professional.
These benefits make WooCommerce the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress. There are also some great WooCommerce extensions required for you to create a wholesale business website:
APPLICATION AND ENQUIRY FORMS: The Forms are a very important mode of communication between sellers and buyers. Contact Us and Emails forms prove to be ineffective. An app form includes all the details of the purchaser when they visit a store for the first time.
ADVANCED PRICING  FEATURES: The advanced pricing means using rules related to the final price of goods for various clients and wholesalers.
ASSIGNING USER ROLES: Assigning user roles to buyers sets the base for pricing. For example, if you have different levels of categories of purchasers worthy for different pricing categories, you must assign each of them a certain role.
PRODUCT LABELS: If you sell both wholesale and retail products, you must consider using product labels and label your items as retail or wholesale.
When creating a wholesale business website on WooCommerce, you can use WooCommerce services such as customization, store department, managing extensions, and etc. If you prefer a fully hosted B2B wholesale platform, we highly recommend you to try Shopify instead.
Shopify is the best and leading B2B ecommerce solution for wholesale businesses. It can help you set up your own store, design it according to your needs, launch the store, and start selling online.

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