Is the Shopify B2B Solution The Best One I Have?

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Is the Shopify B2B Solution The Best One I Have?

IN order to build and manage an eCommerce website without any hassles, you will have to use a reliable eCommerce platform. There are many platforms of this kind available on the market, but in the recent period, more and more people are choosing Shopify Plus. According to many of them, the Shopify B2B solution provides everything they need to handle their eCommerce activities.

One of the things that users like about Shopify Plus is that this platform is quite simple and user-friendly. It comes with an attractive, intuitive interface. Thanks to this platform you can rest assured that you will integrate most of your business tools in no time. While some people complain that Shopify Plus is a little bit expensive, a brief research will help you understand that there are many costlier solutions out there. And if you compare the things you’ll get, you will realize that Shopify Plus provides the best features for the money.

While we are talking about Shopify Plus as a great B2B eCommerce platform, we should mention that this platform provides a fully hosted solution. In other words, the eCommerce website you’ll build will be hosted on a dedicated server. This is a user-friendly option because you’ll get just one web interface and you won’t have to be involved in coding. That’s why many people say that Shopify Plus is so great for beginners.

Shopify Plus has been present on the market for a few years now. It keeps a huge percentage of the B2B eCommerce market. It also has thousands of users even though the user base is much smaller compared to the original Shopify platform which has over 500,000 online stores.

It’s also good to highlight the fact that this is a cloud-based solution. When it comes to the basic package, you can expect a limitation to the number of product variants which is set to 100. In case you don’t need a multi-store solution or complex integration, you should definitely consider Shopify Plus. This would be a much better solution compared to other platforms in this field like Magento Enterprise for example. Without any doubt, Shopify Plus is a simple and flexible option that will meet the requirements of the vast majority of B2Bs.

As you can see, just like any other eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus has some pros and cons, but all in all, it’s a great platform.

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